My name is Whitney Barker and I am a lifestyle blogger, art photographer, and a casual adventurer.

Oh yeah, I work too. I am an artist working in the triad of North Carolina. As a photographer and printmaker, I take grey scale portraits and landscape photos and print the photos by hand. Contact me if you’re interested in this specialized style or if you’d like to see my work.

I offer my street photography and landscape shots as hand printed art pieces in my online shop.  These prints are limited in number and each copy of a shot is inevitably a little bit different.  If you have any questions about my work or my special art print projects, shoot me a message.

My style of portrait photography is a great choice for weddings, special parties, or intimate ceremonies. I can help you capture those precious memories in black and white and hand print them on a custom scale and on a variety of mediums. I work to create more than what you’re expecting in a personal piece of art.






Contact me for more details on booking a portrait session and check out my most recent work.