Start a Start-up in College

After attending HackNC, it seemed like a start-up in college was not so far out of reach.  Here's an info-graphic about how to start a start-up in college.

Start a Startup


Delete Facebook

Is Facebook really what you want, need, or should participate in?

My new friend Matthias gives his two sense about privacy on Facebook and tells us why he is definitively deleting his account.

Read the Sploid article here.

Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood

Somehow the producers of this video made the mood both modern and vintage... in black and white.

Take a Walk by Passion Pit

This music video is dizzingly beautiful.

Smoothie Sunday

Today I made a smoothie.

It was good.  Not good, great.

I bought a bunch of smoothie stuff coming back from Fall Break, and I haven't used anything but milk so far.  The bananas are getting speckled, so I freaked out and had to blend some up.

The smoothie I made was not by a recipe, but I'm sure it's nothing new to the smoothie connoisseurs of the world.  I put in about 5 big chunks of ice, a huge handful of frozen strawberries, two over ripe bananas, a heap of vanilla yogurt, and some milk.

I have no idea at the actual measurements, so don't ask.  All I know is that this concoction is amazing.

On the Street

While street harassment is all too familiar to just about any girl who has been in the city, I wanted to point out just how prevalent and ridiculous it often is.

In a short article in Upworthy I read today, a woman posted a video of snapshots from a ten hour silent walk through New York City, capturing the interactions she had with guys on the street.  It is important to note that she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and remained silent the entire time.  (the video is filmed on a hidden GoPro)

The curator of this content said she wasn't surprised, and neither am I.

I love looking into social situations such as this one, so I'd love to hear your comments below!

Is she doing something wrong?  Does she have the right to complain or be uncomfortable?  Are the men, whether they catcall or simply greet her, doing anything wrong?

Memes, Gifs, and Giggles

So, my minor is CRaDL, which stands for Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacy.  We work with a lot of online platforms for social media and any kind of composition.  For example, we have done a unit on Wikipedia, and now we are working on Reddit.

While exploring the creation of knowledge online and how to maneuver through the vast networking services, we often get fun days of creation.  Today, we looked up memes and made gifs.  Enjoy